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ZAD European Insurance Company is a company licensed in 2008 as a Health Insurance Fund for additional voluntary health insurance. With the regulatory changes in 2013 EZOK ZAD is relicensed as an insurance company and a license under “Illness” insurance.

In the process of its development, the Company has established itself as a stable and loyal partner of its customers. EZOK ZAD covers a market share of 0.17% in General Insurance and a little under 1% market share in Health Insurance.

In 2016 The Financial Supervision Commission issued a decision to expand the scope of the license of EZOK ZAD with a group of insurance classes under section II, letter A of Appendix No. 1 of the Insurance Code, namely:

◦ item 1. Accident insurance (including industrial accidents and occupational diseases),

◦ item 7. “Cargo in transit” insurance (including goods, luggage and others),

◦ item 8 Fire and natural disaster insurance,

◦ item 9 “Other damage to property” insurance,

◦ item 16. Insurance “Miscellaneous financial losses” and

◦ item 18. “Travel assistance” insurance (Assistance abroad).

The company’s ambitions are, with the extension of the license, to win a more serious position on the insurance market in Bulgaria, by offering an individual approach and a special attitude to the needs and wishes of each of its clients.

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