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Although this year’s winter is playing tricks on the snow and the patience of skiers, the season is already in full swing and the resorts are full. However, health is no joke and for pleasure you need not only equipment, but also insurance. Mountain policy is often overlooked, although its cost per season (three months) may be insignificant against the risks. Usually, the ski passes in the resorts have a policy included, which, however, is only valid for an accident on the slopes, and the coverage of the risks and the amount depend on the agreement between the owner of the facilities and the relevant insurance company. For example, in Borovets it does not apply to the freestyle parks.

What does the health policy cover?

The health policy has different degrees of coverage, which includes basic risks and additional ones, for which the premium is higher. These usually cover more extreme sports in the mountains and specific assistance such as helicopter transport, with some companies also covering part of the follow-up treatment. In general, the insurance covers medical expenses for providing first aid (pre-hospital) to the victim in the event of an accident or acute illness, injuries, search, rescue operations of the PTS, transportation costs, permanent or temporary loss of working capacity as a result of the accident, death. Usually, the assistance from the PCS is expressed in searching for and reaching a person who has found himself in a dangerous and critical situation for him, transportation and providing medical assistance to a base or post of the PCS, regardless of the season.

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